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Let's address the elephant in the room. There are lots of moving parts in our 24/7 world and it's mission critical to action the meat and potatoes of that Intel.


At the end of the day, we wrote this game-changing book to give you cut-and-dry definitions of some of the most cookie-cutter words and phrases used in today’s new normal of business speak. Kudos to you for leaning in to this 360-degree deep dive of BS!











P.S.-If you don't understand what we just said, don't worry. The BS Dictionary will define it all for you. And if you DO understand it already...God help you.

The BS Dictionary-Final Cover.png


"This book should be required reading for anyone who thinks an occasional good laugh is a good way to cope with the corporate world. I will force all my employees to keep a copy on their desk. Or is that “pushing the envelope”?" Pat Dolan, Owner of Newsday

"This is a fantastic book for anyone studying business in the English-speaking world. It not only clearly defines many of the business words and phrases they need to know in the corporate world, it also gives them the origin of each phrase in a very fun and informative way." Kathleen O'Connor, Professor at London Business School

“When I worked with Bob Wiltfong at The Daily Show it was clear he was full of BS. I'm glad to see he's found an outlet for it.” Stewart Bailey, Former Co-Executive Producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

"In addition to being an actually helpful resource, The BS Dictionary is also a joke book, a history lesson and a trivia fan’s delight. If you love to learn and laugh, you’ll agree it gets on the green.” Jane Borden, Journalist & Author of I Totally Meant to Do That

"Page-turner is not a word I would normally associate with reading a dictionary, but this book is just that. It is filled with one delicious entry after another." David Ahearn, Co-Founder of Four Day Weekend Comedy

“As a corporate executive, I thought I understood all of the business jargon known to (wo)man, but no bs, this dictionary has shown me I have only scratched the surface of knowledge.  I’m now on a mission to “push the envelope” and “circle back” to this hilarious, sometimes cringe-inducing book again and again when I need a “magic bullet” of corporate translation." - Christine Walters, Television Development Executive


"The BS Dictionary is a cross between an old school dictionary and an Urban Dictionary with a huge dose of biting personality.  This book is hilarious and addictive." Bob Kulhan, Founder & CEO of Business Improv

"This is the book that I wish I had written." Tripp Crosby, Co-Creator of "A Conference Call in Real Life"


“I referred to Bob Wiltfong’s Daily Show field pieces to learn how to do the job. I’m glad he  wrote a book I can use to finally figure out what the hell everyone in the office is saying." Ronny Chieng, Standup Comedian & Reporter on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


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About the authors

Bob Wiltfong

Bob is a former correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Emmy award winning journalist. His love for BS was fostered through 20+ years of working as a consultant in presentation skills for several Fortune 500 companies including T-Mobile, General Electric and Charles Schwab. He often confirms trending BS terms with his CMO wife and is reminded that he has a lot more to learn from his three kids.

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Tim Ito

Tim is a former reporter at US News & World Report as well as Senior Editor at The Washington Post. His passion for BS grew as an adjunct professor of content and marketing at Georgetown University as well as serving as VP of content and marketing at the Association for Talent Development (ATD).  Tim keeps up to date on the latest BS in his current role as VP of Marketing at the Washington Speakers Bureau. His wife and two kids can vouch for the fact that he is full of BS.

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